Rich and poor

I was assigned the task to write about rich and poor and how this is something we find both in the game Civilization 4 and in the real world. I am going to submit to you how and why it is that some are rich and some are poor, both in the real world and in the game. The following will be a presentation of my thoughts on the subject based on my experiences with the game.

In the game Civilization 4 you start a new game with limited initial resources and your goal is to construct a civilization. While playing the game you will quickly realize that to have a successful civilization you are dependent on developing your infrastructure, bureaucracy and your technology. This is the very base of building a successful civilization and definitely something we can compare to how it is to build a successful nation in the real world. The base for a successful civilization, country or city has always been the same, both in the game and in the real world. A country that has developed and expanded their infrastructure has a better basis to interact with other countries and cooperate with them. Cooperation is key to success, because it will develop your trading possibilities and, with the help of other nations, it will be easier to develop your own.

A prosperous bureaucracy is a necessity for any successful nation both in the real world and in the game. The bureaucracy is a form of government in which a professional group of people manages the day to day operations of the government, such as collecting taxes, build roads and overall turn the ruler’s wishes into actuality. Bureaucracies provide a certain amount of stability; stability is something common for successful countries.

In the game you will slowly get access to develop different technologies, this is to develop the knowledge level of the general population and have consistent improvement. But you cant choose from whatever technology you want, you have to firstly get access to some technologies and you will from there gradually gain access to others, more complicated and concrete technologies. Physically this is not something very similar to the real world, but there are definite similarities. In the real world we were also dependent on developing basic technologies before we could develop more advanced technology as we have today.

Being poor in the real world today is often associated with hunger, lack of water and clothes, not having a home and not having the possibility to get an education. In the game your citizens can also die as a result of hunger and lack of progression in the city. Or they can revolt against their ruler, which is something we also see in the real world.

The game definitely includes some limitations to simulate the kind of processes that we find in the real world international relations. There is no real modern communication in the game as we see it in the real world, forging of economic alliances aren’t simulated as thoroughly as one would expect form a real world simulation. And negotiations of certain global issues aren’t discussed properly either. While the game may include these aspects, they’re not necessarily a proper representative of how these things happen in the real world.


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